Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cycling Amsterdam: De Plantage

This is one of the "off-the-beaten-track" cycling tours which the Amsterdam Tourist Board gave me when I was researching an article about Amsterdam-Noord. I've got about half a dozen of them, and I want to try out each one. Each tour has a minutely detailed itinerary through a certain part of town and provides all kinds of details about the historical and socio-cultural background.

Today's cycle tour goes right by my office on Wibautstraat. It's a tour of De Plantage, which takes in some of the districts of Amsterdam-Oost and Watergraafsmeer. It's a sunny, cool Sunday.

Amsterdam-Noord pt 2

The itinerary for my cycling tour of north Amsterdam was determined by the locations of the QR codes installed by the Amsterdam Tourist Board. I am not a tourist -- I live here -- but I'm always willing to learn more about this interesting town. Having cleared the lower part of Noord, which is usually as far as anyone gets, I pushed onward.