Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rondje Veluwe - Day 2

Into the badlands. 

The fietsrondje-map correspondence continues to be sketchy but that adds an element of challenge. I could see on the guide map a trail within the forest  that parallels the N310. This shows up on my atlas map as a thin orange line but there are no knooppunten associated with it. I headed back east toward point 81, past the N310, and there it was; the fietspad to Harskamp (between the Loobosch and the Harskampscherzand). This path parallels the N310 for about 9 km.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rondje Veluwe - Day 1

Sunday morning, Deventer. 

Another weekend, another korte fietsvakantie. I am starting from Deventer, from the same stretch of the IJssel I took last time. When I awoke it was raining. I had my breakfast, served by Eva den Hartog, a Russia expert. Then I rode into the center of town in the rain. I headed for De Brink, the main square, hoping to find a cafe open at 9ish on a Sunday morning. But there was nothing except a hotel cafe which didn't appeal to me. The rides from the zomer kermis stood forlornly draped in canvas. I took refuge from the rain beneath the overhanging part of a circular snack stand, now dormant, and surveyed the scene on the plaza. Behind me a group of Moroccan boys were carrying on. The rain let up finally and I headed down to the river. I climbed the ramp to the bridge over the IJssel, and headed for the Veluwe.